Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Separation Anxiety

Being a military spouse I have to deal with long separations from my Eric. The separations range from a mere week to months. Well, this last one was only 5 days. No problem. However, being 8 months pregnant I was having a few hormonal issues. What is usually routine for me and something I just accept, became nearly unbearable. First night I can never sleep, but by the second I can. I could not sleep 4 of the 6 nights he was gone...awful being that tired. So, on the second night I decided to browse the web. I ended up buying SHOES.

Shirley Leather Peep Toe Booties, Cognac - Ann Taylor Loft
Colin Stuart Studded Pump, Black/grey Leopard Print - Victoria Secret
Both are size 5. I am typically a size 4.5, therefore these fit slightly large. This is the case with my feet. lol

This is definitely a new coping method for me. I don't just buy things. I normally keep myself busy with work. Strange development...

How do you cope? Anyone can answer this question. It does not pertain only to military spouses. I'm curious to read your answers. My sisters married military men as well. I would like to hear from them - I know one makes beautiful jewelry. Is that your coping method? Or is it just fun!

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