Saturday, July 6, 2013

Preggo clothes for the vertically challenged much needed.

Shopping for petite maternity clothes is frustrating! Just because I'm preggers doesn't mean I don't want to look put together.

During my first pregnancy my dear sister sent me her maternity clothes. As appreciative as I was, I was also frustrated because I couldn't wear any till I was about 8 months.  I spent most of the time with my regular pants unbuttoned and unzipped held up by a hair tie I looped through the button hole.

Mostly all lines of maternity tops start at small regular. I am petite. I am 4'11" and clothes made for the average woman (5'4"-5'5") never fit correctly. The problems I'm running into are that the shoulders are too wide, the torso is too long, sleeves are too long, and bust is too big. Sleeveless tops are another beast because the armholes are to big and expose my bra.

Pants/shorts. Crotch is too long and leg length of course is too long. The seat of the pants/shorts are to big and appear saggy.

Dresses and skirts. The top part of the dress have to same ill fitting issues as tops and blouses. The bottom of the dress and skirts share the same difficulties for me. The length (whether it be mini or maxi) is always too long and the waist never sits in the right place.

Aside from only being able to find one or two petite sized maternity clothes the smallest size is 'small'. Maternity apparel is designed to mirror your pregnancy size. If you are a size medium before getting pregnant then your maternity size is also medium. Simple, right? Well, I can't find my size in mommy-to-be wear.

Rawr rawr rawr!

I continue to search online and local stores. If anyone knows where I can find some for a reasonable price I'd appreciate you dropping me a note. Most times specialty sized clothing is crazy expensive.

Okay, end rant. Thanks for Have a lovely night and a safe holiday weekend.

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