Friday, July 20, 2012

Balancing Act

So, I'm a hot mess. I always try to handle everything by myself. I'm a military spouse so I'm use to being alone and doing what needs to me done...I know my other wives understand. You're married, but have a roommate that's never home. You're married, but a single parent. You learn to deal and do. My distress; however, is not being alone and doing it by myself. It is actually relinquishing the idea that I am alone and must do it by myself. I have a terrific support system and many friends who are willing and ready to lend a hand. But do I call on them? No! I'd rather be hardheaded. This only leads to more stress and utter dismay.

Well, I started this blog as a creative outlet. I used to write. I enjoyed it. I stopped for YEARS! I want to revisit writing and the enjoyment out of it I once experienced. This blog has no style and will most likely be all over the place until I figure out what I am doing. Mostly I am allowing my thoughts to travel through my fingertips into the key board. Hoping in the end that I have written something cohesive to the idea behind this adventure. Hats. Multitasking. Being which ever person called upon for or during a situation. 

Writing every 1 to 3 days. That's my goal. I struggle. I struggle with the notion that blogging is a waste of time? Am I neglecting my child? Could this time be put to better use? Does anyone really care what I have to say? Does it matter? I thought I was writing to revisit the enjoyment blah blah. Your words. I end up having a ridiculous argument with myself. I can't be quite stubborn! I never get to win!

Anyway. Point is I have a lot going on. My full-time job of being a wife and mother. Yes, it is a real job thank you very much! My part-time going on full-time job of being a Zumba® Fitness instructor. Personal Training on the side. The very FAR side! Last and could be least, this blog. How do I balance it all? How do other women in similar situations do it? Please share your secrets!!!!!!!
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