Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Stand Proud

Today Eric and I attended a One-Day Intensive Childbirth class. At the beginning of class we were paired with another couple for an exercise. The exercise consisted of interviewing the other couple and then we were suppose to introduce them to the rest of the class and share interesting facts about them. Well, of course they ask about employment and Eric tells them about being in the military. They ask how it affects our pregnancy and if he has to deploy often. Eric tells them that he will most likely be leaving 5-6 days after the birth of our princess for a 6 month deployment.

This leads to many "I'm so sorry!". They turn to me sympathetically and ask me if I have family in the area to help me while he's gone. I don't. What about friends they ask. Plenty. I let them know that I have a support system in place and that I'll be in good hands. At the introductions this comes up again. Everyone feels sorry for Eric, because he's gonna miss so much, and they feel sorry for me because I'll be alone. I appreciate the concern, I really do. However, this is a HAT that I chose to wear and I wear it proudly!

I don't want anyone's pity for being a military wife. I am serving my country by standing by my husband and supporting him in his career. I am proud to have his child. To raise her. To wait for his return, all the while teaching his little princess about how wonderful, brave, and selfless her daddy is!

Photo taken by Samantha Fisher with Keepsake Portraits.
>8 months pregnant<

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