Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Next Day: The Gainesville Getaway

Eric and I arose early and headed down to breakfast! Oh my, what a spread! Fresh fruit, organic Costa Rican coffee, homemade organic granola, vidalia onion and spinach quiche, assorted breakfast sausages, an amazing french toast souffle with cream cheese and pears, fresh farm eggs made to order, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Eric squeezed our orange juice with a large all metal citrus press.

After breakfast the adventure began. We received two bicycles and a map and we were off! Now, I wasn't quite off with ease as Eric was. I, for some peculiar reason, had not ridden a bicycle in years. Not to mention, being 8 months pregnant kinda throws off one's balance and center of gravity off just slightly. After, a couple of stop and goes, I finally got the 'hang of it'. And now, off we went.

The destination unclear to me, I enjoyed the sights and sounds of historic Gainesville as my husband guided me to my surprise. We biked through the University of Florida, home of the Gators and Gatorade. Lovely campus. Four miles, several hills later we arrived at our destination. The Florida Museum of Natural History. Parked our bikes and I bee lined to the nearest bench to rest and catch my breath. Eric stood next to me asking if I had figured out my surprise yet. Now, my husband does not share the same love, excitement, or appreciation for museums as I do. Unless, it be the National Corvette Museum. However, I had noticed a few rather large banners for the Butterfly Rainforest! I absolutely adore butterflies! Gorgeous creatures!

I was terribly excited to enter the museum. In part to see the butterflies, but momentarily mostly in part to find a bathroom as my bladder might explode! Upon my reappearance, Eric informed me that the butterflies may not be flying due to the cold weather. Slightly disappointed, Eric and I spoke with a Mike, member of the staff, and he reassured us that if we returned the following morning it would be warm enough for the butterflies to take flight. Encouraged, Eric and I took on the rest of the museum. We marveled at the extensive wall displaying thousands of butterflies. Each unique in their own way. We looked in on a few of the labs to see where new ones hatched and others were preserved. I was giddy and thoroughly enjoying every moment!

After the museum, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and began our trek back. I was positive, but not entirely looking forward to it. We tried to take a 'shorter' route and ended up lost, but my husband, being the navigator that he is, quickly got us back on track! However, I did have to stop when we came to a very steep hill and walk my bike until the ground leveled out. I was tired and aching. Every time Eric asked how I was doing, my answer would be "Eric, I am a personal trainer and a Zumba Fitness instructor. I am fine. This is nothing!" He would reply, "Oookayy."

Four miles and several hills later we were back! Parked our bikes and headed to our room to relax before Wine & Cheese. I was excited to get in a short nap. Oh, did I mention our room was on the third floor? Yup! No elevators. Those stairs posed a bit of a challenge after the bike ride. I entered our room and collapsed on the bed. Eric made some remark to whether I was gonna make it or not. I assured him I could handle anything. He said I was a trooper and that he was proud of me. I said thank you.

At Wine & Cheese we met new couples. Although, not as open to conversation as the ones from the night before, pleasant chit chat was exchanged. Eric and I enjoyed ourselves for nearly an hour with our cheese, crackers, and coffee, until both were ready to eat dinner. We decided on a lovely little Italian restaurant called Amelia's. After, dinner we got dessert at Mochi. Delicious. Honeydew is my favorite. And that was the end of our second night.


Ready for my surprise! Love this outfit.
Very comfortable for a pregnant woman.

We just had to get pictures in the stairway

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