Monday, January 16, 2012

Things to come

I'm beginning to get the hang of things here in the blogger's world and I'm very excited. This blog was originally started as an outlet for me. A creative outlet. I wear many hats in my everyday life and decided to open up and share a little insight into my life.

I'm very excited about the upcoming weeks. I have approximately 5 weeks of pregnancy left and will soon be able to meet the little princess who enjoys kicking me in the ribs! I'm also excited about my plans for the blog! I introduced several 'characters' I play in life - my hats that I wear, at the beginning of the blog. Well, I am going to start elaborating more on each as my blog develops. Please feel free to offer up suggestions. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Daily regular post on a variety of topics coming soon. These posts will be about all the things that make up Lydia. My love for my family, fitness, health, cooking, fashion, beauty, travel, etc...

Please stay tuned!
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