Sunday, January 8, 2012

The First Night: The Gainesville Getaway

We drove to Gainesville from Tampa and arrived shortly after 3pm. After checking in and taking our luggage to our room, on the third floor, we decided to go for a nice walk in the McKenzie Gardens. Although, it was cold and a few of the plants were dead from the winter or covered up, we still enjoyed our romantic walk through the gardens. The temperature continued to drop leading us to the nearest Walmart to buy $1 gloves and beanies. Excellent decision.

That evening we made our way to the Wine & Cheese hour with the other guests. Eric and I both do not care for wine, therefore he drank coffee and I drank tea. We spent two hours socializing with two lovely older couples, who were at least twenty years our senior. Eric and I enjoy speaking with our elders. We find that they have more important and interesting things to say then those our age. Our conversation was of a more mature and enlightened substance, then the latest music, TV shows, and/or movies.

We parted ways for the evening to find dinner and one of the dear couples gave us a gift of $50 to have a nice anniversary dinner. Eric and I insisted it was not necessary; however they were fervent in their decision to bless us. They thanked Eric for his service to our country, told us that they were proud of us, and wished us the best in our marriage and parenthood. We were speechless to their kindness. How refreshing to still be able to find kindhearted, selfless, and generous people in today's society!

We ate dinner at the Smoke House. We spent the dinner reflecting on the evening and thanking God for always blessing us. After dinner we turned in for the night, eager to start our adventure tomorrow. I was eager because Eric said he had a surprise for me that went along with our bicycle rides. I could barely sleep!


Eric and I both are fond of Koi

Unfortunately the first morning, Cornelia (the owner), had to chase
down a herring who killed her largest Koi. She was devastated.
She had him for 20 years. Saddness.

We were intrigued that the statue was positioned just right
to block the sun from her eyes. That or it was a happy accident.

Used for wedding pictures.

Honeymoon Cottage and gazebo.

We explored the other rooms and found some with
claw foot tubs. So cool. Our room did not have one.

Kind of random to have this here - in a victorian themed inn.
But since Cornelia's mom does own an Eco Lodge in Costa Rica
 it does make since.

Cushman House Parlor. Where we took our Wine & Cheese.

We were hoping to hear someone play the organ during
our Wine & Cheese. Didn't happen. Cushman House.

The breakfast room in the Cushman House.

Very clean kitchen. Cushman House

Dinner time. I hope Elora gets his gorgeous blue eyes!

Smoke House. We like stained glass windows. Cool fact: the table tops
are made from the fiber glassed 50 year old wood they removed
from the ceiling when they restored the building.

This was my meal. AMAZING!

Eric's. The smoked corn was delicious!

Happy Anniversary to us! Seven years down...forever to go!

Dessert was berry cobbler. It was so good. We gobbled that
up so quickly we burnt the inside of our mouths.
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