Monday, January 7, 2013

Tooth #2 is coming in....

This teething situation..stinks...majorly. Elora's second tooth is beginning to rear is head. I wish they would all come in at once. I could really use the sleep. Baby has very low grade fever, crystal clear running nose, mucus-y cough (from all the drainage), and sneezing (allergies?). She is now regurgitating her meals. Not throwing up. She nurses. She coughs. She regurgitates all of it. Aside from all that she is super active, explores (gets into everything), and is very happy. She does have bouts of crankiness and crying when her incoming tooth is bothering her. I'm in for another rough day. Yesterday alone I was covered in the regurgitated breastmilk. Changed my clothes 3 times. This morning she got me in bed. I must now wash the bedding.

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