Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goodbye Florida, Hello Texas. (Part 2)

We made it into Foley, Alabama around midnight. We were exhausted. Sticks wasn't. She had slept most of the drive. We stayed at a hotel near the Tanger Outlets. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it right now. Anyway, we and checked in, set up the pack-n-play, and got ready for bed. We were so ready to sleep; however, someone was wide awake and ready to PLAY! Needless to say it was a very long night.
Because Elora kept us up all night we decided to sleep in till 7:30AM. We showered and headed down for breakfast. It was a free continental breakfast and we were satisfied. Elora Danan enjoyed a Little Cuties with her Papi and they had a sweet moment where she held his hand for a while. She likes to hand feed me...everything! She has a crumb in her hand that she was adamant that I eat. I can't take it from her with my She likes to place the food item in my mouth. She is a caregiver and very sharing.

After breakfast we packed up and took time to brush our teeth! Sticks loves to brush her teeth. She's getting better at it everyday. I like these pictures because she's mimicking Eric. We make dental hygiene a priority and a family event. 

Eric began to loaded up the car for the long drive to Texas and someone got very busy ripping up tissues.  She was having a great time and I get a kick out of her "Who me?" look when I got on to her. Before leaving I picked up every last shredded piece of tissue.

 Lambert's Cafe didn't open till 10:30AM so we decided to walk around the Tanger Outlet Mall. We stopped in at Clark's and Elora passed out. She laid there the whole time. Does she look comfortable to you? Silly kid.

I really enjoyed eating at Lambert's Cafe! I love it there. I love the rolls and the Southern Style cooking. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Elora really like her meal or fried catfish, white beans and ham, and beets. She really like the beets. Eric and I couldn't get enough of the fried okra! YUM 

Here is a picture of the whole trip. Long trip. I'm glad we broke it up in 2 days and took our time. I'm not looking forward to another long road-trip for at least a couple months from now.

 After we ate we let Sticks play on the wooden train right outside the restaurant. She had fun.

One of the waiters gave Elora a balloon. She played with it for the rest of the trip, when she wasn't sleeping or watching Pocoyo. After a great meal, nice and full, we headed out on the road again. Seven hours to go to his parents house.

We later stopped at an Applebee's for dinner...3 hours to go. The baby enjoyed so yummy lime wedges. We needed this stop. We were both so exhausted.

It was a long 3 hours. Eric and I both struggled to stay awake and had to switch off often. I could not stay awake any longer so Eric took over and got us there safely. We arrived around 1:15AM. Said hi to his parents and then crashed on the guest bed.
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