Monday, September 30, 2013

3rd times a charm, right?

I sure hope so. I have tried twice to do a whole month, roughly 30-31 days of eating only home cooked meals. I started with a bang September 1st but couldn't get through the week without picking up some take out. So around 9 days in I decided to start over! Also, a huge failure on my part. I kept it going for nearly another week before succumbing to dining out/in. I am determined to do this, but I have to many guidelines. A friend of mine at 2 Kids on a Couch started the challenge for herself and her family. I though it was a great idea so I told her I would do it as well. She was very successful and has a great system. You can read all about at her blog. I on the other hand had NO system. NO plan. So disaster was inevitable.

I have a plan this time. With the help of a friend from college, at The Fresh Kitchen, I have a plan. I'll touch more in detail on how awesome she is later. This month of October will be about learning to cook easy, basic meals with fresh ingredients. I need to learn the basics.

I would love to hear your thoughts on eating at home and how you do it. I would like to hear from you if you struggle with it as well. I like to know I'm not alone. Please join the challenge. 2 Kids on a Couch is going into her second month, strong! My friend at The Fresh Kitchen, joined the challenge in September and kept to it! She didn't blog about it, but she did. Check out her blog, she has some amazing recipes up there. I think another friend from college is joining the challenge too. Her blog is My Life: A Work In Progress. Check her out. She does reviews and giveaways. Her blog is always a good read.

Well, here we go again!
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