Monday, September 23, 2013

EOHM Update: It's only been TWO weeks?

So I just realized that it's only been two weeks since we started over and we've done horribly. I need to learn to cook Mexican food because it is my husband's and my weakness. It's been 14 days and we've dined out at least 4-5 times. What is wrong with us?! I'm trying to figure out why this is so hard for us. I have had a few bad days due to health issues, but I don't think we are truly committed. We need to try and finish our the next 16 days without dining out or ordering out. On days that I do cook every single meal, we feel so accomplished. I keep telling myself that if I were only feeling better this would be a problem, but the truth is there will always be that next obstacle! There will always be a reason to falter. Well, I really want to stick to this challenge.

I do think that poor planning on my part is the main reason I haven't followed through. Half the time I shop without a plan. I go down every isle in the grocery store with out direction or purpose. I think I should plan my meals way in advanced and only buy for the meals. I need to come up with a game plan. I need a definite menu plan for 6-7 meals a day. Breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and right before bed snack. My husband is trying to put on muscle and I'm eating for two. My daughter is just always hungry. I have 7 days left in this month to plan properly and execute said plan. I'm going to research recipes and techniques for making meals ahead.

I can do this. You know what they say... "try, try again". Well, this will be my third attempt. If anyone has any advise or ideas...PLEASE send them my way. If you would like to start with me in October let me know. I think I'll make guidelines for myself. I'll think of them and post them tomorrow.

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