Monday, September 2, 2013

Eating Only Homemade Meals All of September!


So a friend of mine on Facebook stated that her and her family had made the commitment to not dine out or order in for the whole month of September. I thought, "What a great idea!". So after talking it over with my husband we too made a commitment to each other to do the same. As an accountability measure I decided that I would blog about it. I have a lot going on right now; doctor appointments, I'm starting a new and FREE Zumba Fitness class at our church, I'm pregnant, I'm working toward becoming a sales director in my Mary Kay business, a vendor fair that I'm helping organize, and I'm in charge or participating in several ministries/events at our church. As usual I have too much on my plate, by my own choice, and need a way to stay accountable.

This is really what this blog is all about, my struggles and victories of being a Girl of Many Hats. So, y'all help me be accountable, please!

Day One
Major FAIL. We decided to do this the night before and hadn't gone grocery shopping. The first of September was a Sunday, which is our busy day of the week. I luckily had food for breakfast, but had to buy lunch and dinner because we had to hit three different stores to purchase food for the next couple of weeks. We only had enough time to drop of the groceries at home before heading right back to church for choir practice and evening service. So Sunday was our mulligan. Our only mulligan. No more.

Day Two
Success! All three meals and snacks were homemade. We had to go to the Kia dealership to have the oil changed in the car, so I packed drinks and snacks so we wouldn't be tempted to hit up a vending machine or fast food window!

I'm looking forward to the next 28 days.

Good night!
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