Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Getting Our Toddler to Sleep in Her Own Bed - Our Latest Adventure...Err Nightmare

So, My husband finally decided he wanted the baby (19 months old) to sleep in her own room. I guess he got tired of her being up until we went to bed and not getting to watch a movie with me or play a video game. I am indifferent to the matter because I HAVE to be able to accomplish all things I need to do during the day while she's awake. The things I want to do...well, I make it work.

My husband is a good daddy. But for most working dads coming home and not being able to do what you want or need can be frustrating...I guess. I wouldn't know. I am supportive in his decision, BUT I'm not doing it. I am not fighting with her or doing the night time routine. He will. He wants this, then he needs to work for it. I know...I'm just awful. Whatever.

I come from a childhood where my father did more then your typical father does. He was and still is amazing. I don't expect my husband to fill my father's shoes, BUT I did not make this baby alone or this mess on my own. I suggested months ago she sleep in her own bed and he said he couldn't stand not to sleep with her. Therefore, I don't think I should do it alone or at all for that matter. I will not hold his hand or micromanage him. He is capable of figuring something out. Also, I am not a rescuer. I feel that I would only add to the problem and she may think I am there to "rescue" her. In short the man is on his own. Muahahaha!

Here's the routine my husband has created with our daughter:

Bathtime and brush teeth
Bible Story
Bedtime snack
(I don't overfeed at meals & I don't tell her no when she expresses hunger)
Bedtime at 8:00pm

Tonight was our first night truly attempting this great feat. Eric wrestled with her about 30 minutes until she finally succumbed to sleep. What he did in that room was trying to figure out a method. He told me he tried making her lay down and when that didn't work he put on her show and held her until she calmed down. She began to nod off and her sat down on her bed with her still in his arms. Shen she was finally out he laid her down and walked out. Was this the "right" way? Who cares. We don't. I am very proud of him. Parenthood is a learning process. He's got to feel his way through and figure out what works for him and his daughter.

He is going to miss this...and so will I.
I think I'm going to enjoy being completely alone, except for the little one bouncing around inside of me, for 30 minutes a night! Well, this is one night down. I wonder how long it will take and how long or if it keeps. We are suckers for our princess.

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