Monday, October 7, 2013

Sick Household and 31 Days of Eating at Home Update

Something must be going around. I have a sick household. Our daughter seems to be feeling much better. My husband, on the other hand, has just started his bout of ickiness. I'm on my second week. I think mine is a sinus infection. My head is throbbing and I feel pressure behind my eyes. I'm just miserable. Despite how awful I'm feeling I've been able to keep up with our eating at home challenge. Well, almost. I couldn't muster up the will or energy to cook last night so my husband took us to Cheddar's. I know! I know! I feel so ashamed.

Except for last night's small blunder, we have been able to eat all other meals at home this week. Tonight will be no exception. Coconut Red Lentil Soup is on the menu for tonight. Looking forward to it. Even with my husband's unpredictable work responsibilities, he has been dedicated to our challenge and not bought any food for lunch. He has been able to come home every day for lunch. This week may not go so well but we are determined to continue eating home cooked meals and not spend money dinning out or in.

I'm still doing what I can to keep us as unprocessed this month. Because it was a last minute decision, I did not plan well; therefore we've been eating some processed food items. But this is a great motivator and I'm learning as we go. I've been doing lots of research and finding new ways to substitute processed items that have become key in everyday life. Eric really likes the idea of being completely unprocessed by the new year. He's been very supportive and even eating new things. My husband is very, very picky. It's quite a change from before. I have tried on many occasions to change our eating habits, but had received such resistance that I'd be discouraged.  I believe that this time around he truly understands the damage processed foods will have on our children. Food companies are getting worse.  Ingredients are becoming more and more man made. Another scary monster out there is GMO. I would love to get my hands on cookbooks from before the 40s.

Well, I can't think straight anymore, so I'm going to try and nap with my toddler. With any luck I'll be able to update in more details. I have some recipes to share.
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