Monday, December 19, 2011

The Good Fight

It has been a long weekend. There are things in your life that you know are worth fighting for and others are just the right things to do - which doesn't that make them worth fighting for? Because it is the right thing to do?

My parents taught me to never giver up. To never let the enemy have what God has given us. There are many stumbling blocks set before us and Satan is amazingly skilled at convincing us that we are doing nothing wrong. He sounds just like us.

"I deserve this."
"I don't need this headache."
"I don't need to do the right thing if I'm not happy."
"My happiness is all that matters."

Man, those are strong words, thoughts, and feelings. I've had them. We've all had them. Doing the right thing is always hard.

I am resolved to fight for the right thing. I will do my best to do the right things.

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