Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rant/Pep Talk

So, the past 3 days have been frustrating to me. Mainly because I am hormonal (pregnancy) and miserable with the flu. 

Day one: Eric tells me he's deploying soon. Ok, so I mentally prepare myself for his deployment which will be immediately following the birth of our child if she is on time. 

Day two: Eric tells me to scratch that! Not deploying. Training package came through. Still leaving though around the same time frame for about the same amount of time, BUT he'll be within a 6 hour drive radius of the baby and me. Ok, so I'll mentally prepare for that.

Day three: BACK TO DAY ONE! He will be deploying and when he gets back he'll still have to go to 'school' for the training.

This is common for a military family. I'm not upset or crying about it. I just want a final decision so that I can proceed with my life. I love my husband's dedication and hard work. I admire that he never complains about assignments or deployments. He made an oath to protect this country, to fight for our freedom. Even if it means sacrificing family time, missing out on his daughter's first few months of life, or worst case scenario - laying down his life.

I made a promise to Eric when I married him.  I will support him in every way that he needs. I will not complain or throw a fit. I will stand by my soldier. I will pray for his safety. I will encourage him to take necessary steps to further his career and to do what he must for our country.

Side note: nothing disgusts me more then a whiny, selfish military spouse. rawr.

Wow! I really needed that! I feel ready to take on the world now. Great pep talk to


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