Monday, September 17, 2012

I get to be a wife for 30 something days...Yay!

I don't get to be a wife often. Well, in the sense that I would cook and clean for my husband. He's gone often and I still cook and clean on occasion, but, you know, it's different. Eric has been home for week now. It's been great. I make him lunches, wash his socks, help pick out his ties, train him at the crack of dawn, and  all sorts of wifey type things. My favorite thing is laughing. When Eric and I are together, we are on the same wavelength humor wise. We spend all day cracking jokes and saying witty remarks to each other. It's great!

My goal this month that I have with him is to train him and feed him accordingly to his goals. I cook every meal fresh and I try to hide veggies in the meals so that he'll eat them. He's a very picky eater. Another goal is to make sure when he comes home every evening, he has all the quality time with Elora Danan he can get before her bed time. So far I think I'm doing a fair job.

I miss him terribly when he's away. He'll be going away VERY SOON. I have to get months of laughing in before he's gone again.
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