Friday, September 21, 2012

Infant Massage...hmm

This is Elora's and my second week going to an Infant Massage class on base. It's a free class - I'm all about the free! I'm not too sure Elora is very interested right now. Both times she wiggled all over the place. I spent more time trying to get her back on her back instead of listening to the instructor and practicing on my baby. I'm glad they gave us handouts on the different techniques and what not. The point of these classes is not so much to learn to massage my 6 month old but more so to socialize my infant and get the heck out of the house. I am so content to stay home alone with my precious baby everyday. However, being a recluse is probably not the best way to help Elora become socially apt. My hope is that Elora will begin to like it and stay still one day. Right now she is in her exploration stage, because she is finally able to move about on her own.

I guess I should probably talk about the benefits of Infant Massage, blah blah blah...but that requires research and I'm out of time right now. I'll follow up later on the subject. I gotta go to St. Pete for a BBQ at one of Eric's co-worker's house. I have to put on my try-not-to-be-so-darn-weird-and-geeky hat. I have a baby now so I really gotta talk to the females. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before...Females make me uncomfortable. I never know what to talk about. I don't enjoy most of the topics they chose. BUT I have a kid now, so I'm expected to be all motherly and talk about stuff. I feel that it ends up being a competition. Well, my baby is only 8 months and she does this. But my baby is better, because it spits up all the time. Well, yours isn't nearly as advanced as mine, because my child does this or the other.

I'm going to be standing there quietly thinking about Dark Siders II and how I can't wait to get home to play. There's also a Zumba Core Demo I downloaded and want to try it out. Skyrim...I haven't played in forever. I need to test out the dragon shouts using the Kinect. I'm still kinda sore that tomorrow is Hobbit Day and no one wanted to have a Hobbit Day Party with me. I'm still gonna dress Elora up as a baby Hobbit and take pictures...OH SHE'LL LOOK SO DARN CUTE!!! Maybe Eric will let me get away with it. I doubt it though. He's such a party pooper.

*Sorry for grammatical errors and what not. Typing with a baby in your lap who is so eager to help you by slapping at random keys can make blogging quite a challenge. I do try to use spell check and read before posting. I still miss things though.
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