Friday, September 14, 2012

I love being a mommy

I love being a mommy and I feel very competent when it comes to raising and caring for my child. However, there are times when others make me feel inadequate. Whether it's a passing comment or some literature on child rearing, I feel that I scrutinized. Everyone has an opinion. Each in their own right believes that their way is best and the way that all should follow. I, for one, am not entirely certain that I know the 'right' way. But I can tell you that I must be doing a fine job, because every doctor visit has ended with 'She's perfect. Keep it up.' and Elora Danan is the happiest child on the planet. Sleeps through the night, eats well, and is on track or advanced when it comes to those Ages & Stages thingies.

I may be a new mommy, and I most certainly do not know it all... But c'mon! Most of this is common sense. Patience, consistency, involvement, responsibility, and determination are key for me. Best compliment I've ever received came from my MIL. She told me how impressed she was with me because I do not become frustrated with Elora Danan. She's right. I'm very relaxed and patient. Babies crying is not something that upsets me. Blowouts, spit up in my hair, missing out on Zumbathons because I had to clean up a mess, having to take her to classes with me, being alone while Eric is TDY, teething, waking up in the middle of the night - the list goes on, but I think you get it - none of these things frustrate me.

In my opinion, Elora Danan has given my no cause to lose my temper or to become upset. She is a baby. She cannot speak or do anything for herself right now. She needs me. She needs me to teach her. I get to be a greatest influence in her life. I get to experience all her new discoveries and all her firsts. What a blessing to be part of something so magnificent. I mean, wow! I get to have this beautiful, precious human being look up at me everyday with those big, beautiful blue eyes full of unconditional love and unwavering trust.

Goodness! I want to go pick her up and smooch on her!

I better not's past midnight and I should be sleeping. I have a 4:30am client to train and my own workout to do at 6:30am.


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